8 Tips For Your Next Move

Posted on: 20 June 2016


Regardless of how you feel about moving, it is a necessity that most people cannot escape. Fortunately for you, there are things you can do while packing and transporting your belongings that can make the process a bit easier. Here are eight tips you can use to simplify moving. 

  1. Use your clothing to pack. Clothing can serve as additional padding and protection for fragile items. For instance, you can put your glasses inside of socks. You can also use wrap plates with sweaters or other bulky clothing items.
  2. Pack first-night items in a clear container. When it is time to pack up your necessities to get through the first night in your new home, a clear container can help it stand out among the cardboard boxes with your other belongings. 
  3. Leave the clothes on the hangers. Taking the clothes off the hangers and re-hanging them in the new place can be time-consuming. You can instead leave the clothes on the hangers, group them in the closet, place a bag over them like a dry cleaning bag, and move them to the new location in far less time. 
  4. Donate your belongings to friends. Any belongings that you were planning to donate should be first offered to friends and family who are helping you move. Not only are you getting rid of the items, but you are also offering a benefit for helping you move. 
  5. Color code your boxes. Designating a certain color for each room can help make the task of sorting boxes easier for your movers and any additional helpers. For instance, you can use yellow for all boxes from the kitchen. 
  6. Put your mattress in a box. During the move, it is easy for your mattress to get dirty or out of shape. A box protects the mattress and makes it easier for movers to handle. 
  7. Leave your clothes in drawers. Each dresser drawer can serve as a temporary box for moving your clothes. Place plastic wrap over the drawers' openings to protect the clothing. 
  8. Find out the move-in rules. If you are moving into an apartment or condo, it is possible that there are rules in place that dictate when and how you can move into your new abode. By learning what they are ahead of time, you can make arrangements to avoid delays on moving day.

Consult with a moving company, like Christos & Christos Moving and Storage, to find other ways to make the moving process easier.