3 Tips to Help Get Vehicles, Lawn Equipment, and Motorized Machines Moved Safely

Posted on: 24 June 2016


If you are planning on moving a long distance, there are many different options that you may want to consider for getting your belongings to your new home. Are you planning on taking a flight out of town? What about the car, recreational vehicles, and motorized gear that you will leave behind? It is important to take care of these issues before you hop on a train, plane, or bus. Here are some tips to help you prepare motorized property (both large and small) for a long-distance move.

1. Contact a Long-Distance Mover for Cars and Other Large Vehicles

There are likely going to be some large items that you want to have moved to your new home, including your car as well as recreational vehicles. Contact a long-distance mover and talk with them about moving these items separately from other property that you are taking with you. A truck that is large enough can be used to transport your car, as well as recreational vehicles, to your new home. If you have things like boats or four-wheelers, you may want to have them moved on a separate truck if there are several vehicles to move. Talk with the moving service about the different truck options and the costs of these services.

2. Break Down Small Motorized Garden Equipment to Prepare It for Moving

You may also have small motorized gear that you need to take with you to your new home. This can include things like gasoline lawn equipment, such as a tiller, weed eater, or riding lawn mower. Since these materials often smell of gas and can leak oil, you may not want them transported with a fine dining room set. Break these things down to small parts and organize them in boxes to pack away on a smaller truck. Smaller riding lawnmowers can usually be packed on the back of a box van. If you have larger tractor-type equipment, talk with the moving service about weight limits and the size of truck that needs to be used to transport these materials. The moving vehicles involved may need to have double axles for a small tractor and attachments as well as additional equipment.

3. Prep Any Dismantled Mechanical Parts to Keep Them Safe for the Journey

Prepping the engines and any parts you remove from motorized machines is important. You may be tempted to remove oil and gas from something for the journey. This can expose the engine or lubricated parts to potential oxidation. To prepare these parts, get some old rags (maybe old clothes you are throwing out during the move) and soak them in a mixture of used motor oil, which you can remove from equipment. Take the rags and pack them around and inside parts and inside areas like engines that may be open. This will help keep the metal lubricated and prevent problems with oxidation.

Being prepared to send your car and motorized property to your new home can ensure that everything makes it safely to its new home without incident. If you need help moving these items, contact a long-distance moving service such as Affordable Transfer Co Inc. A long-distance moving service will have answers for some of the questions you have about moving motorized property, including cars and lawn equipment.