Minimizing Your Risk Of Theft When Utilizing Self-Storage

Posted on: 27 June 2016


One of the worst things that can happen when you rent a self-storage unit is to show up one day and find that your items have been stolen. While most storage facilities take measures to prevent theft, there are some preventative measures you should take to prevent theft, too.  

Choose a storage facility with cameras.

Before you agree to rent a storage unit from a certain facility, make sure that facility has cameras. Cameras will deter thieves, and in the case that your items are stolen, there should be footage that will allow police to identify the culprits. In addition to asking if there are cameras, you should verify where the cameras are located. Make sure there's a camera that captures what's going on in front of the specific unit you'll be renting.

Choose a storage facility with an office on site.

Some storage facilities have off-site offices, while others have offices on-site with the storage units. Make sure you choose a facility with offices and employees on site, as this serves as a deterrent for would-be thieves. If someone does attempt to steal something, chances are an employee will be around to see or say something.

Use your own lock.

Some storage facilities may provide locks for their customers. But you never know whether a previous customer still has the key or combination for that lock. So, use your own lock the increased security. Make sure you choose a heavy-duty lock rather than the gym locker-type locks that are easy to cut through with a bolt cutter. A combination lock is a better choice than a keyed lock since someone with the know-how can pick a keyed lock or have a copy key made. Just make sure you write the combination down somewhere super-secret.

Don't pack or unpack your unit while there are a lot of people around.

Those who steal from storage units often find out what valuables are in certain units simply by watching people pack and unpack. Make sure you pack and unpack your unit when there are not a lot of people around watching. If someone looks suspicious and seems to be paying too much attention to you, talk to an employee at the storage facility. They can check to verify that the person is someone who has business being at the storage facility, and if they, in fact, are up to no good, they can ask them to leave.

Contact a local provider, such as Sweetwater Springs Self Storage, for further assistance.