Tips For Organizing Your Self Storage Unit

Posted on: 29 June 2016


If you want to make sure that you are loading things into your self storage rental so that it is well organized and your things can be properly protected, take a little bit of time to review the following tips.

Bring In Your Own Shelves

Self storage units are bare bones in regards to having any shelving. You have to bring in your own shelving units in if you want to use them and you might want to do just that. With the shelving units, you can make use of vertical space. It is best to refrain from using any wooden or plastic shelving units. The wood and plastic can warp in the heat and humidity that may be high within the self storage unit. Wood shelving units can also develop mold if any water enters the storage unit, which is not healthy to inhale and you don't want any of that spreading to your personal belongings. You can use strong metal shelving units instead. Of course, no matter how sturdy the shelving unit is, you will not be able to attach it to the walls for safety. Therefore, avoid placing heavy items on the top shelves in order to prevent the unit from falling forward. Keep lighter items on the top shelves, such as blankets, stuffed animals, or clothing.

Use Hidden Space For Small Fragile Items

Instead of worrying about whether you have protected your small fragile valuables in boxes, you might want to place them inside of furniture and appliances that can offer a lot of protection. For example, anything you place inside of a microwave that you are storing will be safe from anything in the unit that might fall over onto it. Other things that you can use for additional storage include, ovens, refrigerators, chests, dressers, end tables, desks, and filing cabinets.

Organize By Sections

Depending on the things that you are storing in your self storage unit, consider organizing your unit in sections. For example, keep all kitchen items and bathroom items along one wall, all personal items that belong in bedrooms against another wall, and so on. This will make it a lot easier for you should you need to retrieve a particular item before it is time to remove everything from the unit.

With just those few simple tips in mind, you should find that organizing your self storage unit is a lot easier than you might have thought.