6 Tips For Safely Packing Wine Glasses And Bottles

Posted on: 6 July 2016


Wine glasses and bottles require special attention when it comes to packing or storing them. You might have a special set from a wedding or other significant event in your life. A little extra care will keep them from breaking. After all, they are memories you are packing.

1. Choose Boxes Wisely

Begin with a sturdy and unbending box to ensure it won't break during the packing/storing process. It is essential to place bubble wrap or a similar product on the bottom of the box for added protection before you begin.

Cell boxes are one of the most efficient ways to package your wine glasses and bottles. Each unit will have a cozy cardboard section and you can add cushioning products to keep them from touching each other. Cushioning products can be as simple as clothing, pillows, stuffed animals, or tissue paper.

2. Think Styrofoam

Styrofoam peanuts can be used for filler and come in three colors. The white and pink ones are made from 70% non-recycled materials and cannot break-down environmentally. Choose the green which is eco-friendly and will break-down. Green is an indication they are made from 70% recycled materials, meaning you can add them to the compost. If you use white or pink, UPS or similar shipping companies might take them back, so you can save Mother Earth.

3. Do Not Use Newspapers

Avoid using newspapers because the ink can smear onto the surface of items. But, it is good to use tissue paper for the job. As a guideline, always use tissue paper next to the glass for the softest, most secure packing.

4. Use Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap can be purchased in rolls, sheets, or bags and is an excellent product to place on the outside of the tissue paper. It is possible you could leave an impression on the glass from the bubble wrap. You don't need extra circles on your wine glasses, do you? After you have them wrapped, place a piece of packaging tape around each package, so it doesn't come unwrapped.

5. Pad Every Area

As a substitute packaging device, a Styrofoam plate would help around the bottles. Any extra space should contain padding. You can use newspapers, stuffed animals, blankets, or any clothing that would be moved to the new home such as socks. There shouldn't be any open spaces left in the box for the glasses to move and break.

6. Label The Box

Write fragile on every side of the box to ensure it doesn't get confused with a box filled with things that aren't breakable. A closed box could be easily confused with other items.

Your glass products and wine bottles should be protected whether you are moving them or storing. By following these guidelines, you can save your items without worrying whether they will make the journey safely.

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