Four Moving Tips For Hobbyist Collectors

Posted on: 11 July 2016


If your hobby involves collecting items, you might have years worth of valuable goods such as stamps, coins, books, or art. This can be a great activity in your life, but it might be daunting to move your cherished collection along with your household. Here are four tips to help collector hobbyists move their items safely alongside their household items.

1. Insure Your Items

If you have been collecting for years, you might not realize the value of your collection. If you are planning a move already, this might be the perfect time to insure your items. You can begin to pack these up and have items appraised if needed. If you cannot move your collection on your own, with items such as art pieces or book collections, you can have peace of mind that these are insured in case anything happens during the moving process.

2. Pack Away Smaller Items Yourself

While you might be packing up an entire household and have to bring in movers or professional packers to help, it can be worth it to pack up smaller, valuable items yourself to ensure their safety. If the bulk of your collection can go with movers, this is great, but there might be one or two choice pieces that you would be devastated to lose. Move these yourself or keep them somewhere safe so they aren't damaged or misplaced.

3. Keep Collections Out of Household Items

If you have an entire room or area of your home that is designated for your collection, it is a good idea to pack this separately if you can. Sometimes household items can be jumbled together and it might be hard to sort through boxes on the other end of a move. Making sure that your entire collection is intact when unpacking can be achieved by using different colored boxes or tags and marking these as 'fragile' for movers.

4. Consider Storage Options While Settling In

If you are moving your entire family into another home or might be downsizing, it might be too much to sort through your collector's items in your new home right away. Consider packing these items up and housing them in storage until you can get through the bulk of your household move. You can them bring in your hobby items when you are ready for them.

Having a hobby such as collecting can be rewarding, but it can take up space and need unique care if relocating. Put a little thought into the process ahead of time to help you move collector's items safely when moving to a new home.

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