Two Often Forgotten Things About Long-Term Wine Storage

Posted on: 11 July 2016


Wine is one of the few consumable products that actually improve with age. If you don't have room in your home for your wine collection, you can keep it at a self-storage facility for as long as you need. Although it's fairly well-known you must keep the bottles in a cool dark place with adequate humidity, here are two often forgotten things you need to know about to ensure your wine remains drinkable.

Keep Away from Strong Smells

Wines with corks should be kept as far away as possible from anything with a strong smell. Although the cork is designed to keep the wine fresh, it still 'breathes' and can absorb strong odors. Unfortunately, the smell can get passed onto the wine and ruin the flavor.

Be mindful of the things you put into the storage unit if you plan on using it to hold other items besides the wine. Avoid storing items like paint, paint thinner, scented candles, garden chemicals, or other similar things. If you have strong-smelling items that must go in the unit, place them in container to keep the scent from filling the room. To combat odors from outside the storage unit that may seep into the space, purchase an odor neutralizing product that will help keep your storage room smelling clean.

Avoid Constant Vibrations

You'll also want to avoid putting your wine anywhere near a constant source of vibration. There are a couple of reasons for this. Some wines contain sediment. The constant shaking may prevent the sediment from settling, which could give the wine a gritty taste when you're ready to drink it.

Another issue is constant vibration could change the chemical composition of the wine. Research conducted by Maria Lorraine Binchet found low levels of continuous vibration can change the flavor and aroma of wine in as little as 18 months. Therefore, you want to avoid storage facilities located near train stations, subways, construction sites, or other areas where local activity may subject your wine to constant shaking.

There are many elements to correctly and safely storing wine for prolonged periods of time in a storage facility. Do as much research as you can about the issue and implement the provided tips to ensure your wines age gracefully and remain drinkable for years to come. For more information about wine storage or to sign up for a unit, contact a local storage facility like Lake County Storage of Round Lake Heights