Two Often Forgotten Things About Long-Term Wine Storage

Posted on: 11 July 2016

Wine is one of the few consumable products that actually improve with age. If you don't have room in your home for your wine collection, you can keep it at a self-storage facility for as long as you need. Although it's fairly well-known you must keep the bottles in a cool dark place with adequate humidity, here are two often forgotten things you need to know about to ensure your wine remains drinkable.
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6 Tips For Safely Packing Wine Glasses And Bottles

Posted on: 6 July 2016

Wine glasses and bottles require special attention when it comes to packing or storing them. You might have a special set from a wedding or other significant event in your life. A little extra care will keep them from breaking. After all, they are memories you are packing. 1. Choose Boxes Wisely Begin with a sturdy and unbending box to ensure it won't break during the packing/storing process. It is essential to place bubble wrap or a similar product on the bottom of the box for added protection before you begin.
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Tips For Safely Storing Your Electronics In A Storage Unit

Posted on: 5 July 2016

If you need a place to store a lot of electronics, you might be considering renting a storage unit. Self-storage units are ideal for this purpose; however, it is important to take the right steps when using a unit for storing electronics. Electronics can get damaged if they are exposed to the wrong things, and damage to electronics can cause several key issues. What Damages Electronics? There are two main things that can damage electronics, and these are cold weather and moisture.
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Moving Abroad? Two Reasons Why You Need An International Relocation Company

Posted on: 30 June 2016

If you're moving abroad, you may think you can handle it alone. You may comb over the Internet doing your research, and feel that you're adequately equipped for relocating to another country. However, you may not understand just how advantageous it would be for you to work with an international relocation company. International relocating companies aim to make your big move a much smoother process. Learning more about the benefits of working with an international relocation company can help you see why you should contact one of these businesses as soon as possible.
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